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Premium Website monitoring includes all premium features and covers most monitoring needs. The price starts at $5.95/mo or $4.95/mo when paid yearly. Recommended to individuals with one website and is mostly used to monitor one host with different ports like HTTP, SMTP, Ping, FTP. May be also used to monitor one service (webpage or IP) every 1 minute to ensure your website is accessible and returns proper content. Public statistics and maintanence schedulers are also available.

sign up $5,95/mo
(paid monthly)
   sign up $4,95/mo
(paid yearly)

Other Plans
ServiceUptime does not limit you in using any available monitoring intervals within your account. You have 5 monitors which allows you to monitor 5 different websites or ports at any interval from every 60 minutes to every 1 minute.

Additional monitors are available at fixed price $5/mo for 5 additional monitors.
All Premium accounts include:
Over 10 Worldwide Monitoring locations
Monitoring Frequency (Check Interval) from 1 hour to 1 minute
Multiple Email and SMS Alert Contacts
Send email/SMS Alert after N number of failed checks
Full range of services and ports (from webpage content to custom port)
Uptime&Performance Reports Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
Summary statistics for the whole period of monitoring
Maintenance Schedulers to automatically suspend monitoring
Account Lifetime Statistics never deleted
Webpage content & Partner Link monitoring
Custom Alert subject for up/down email notifications
Instant Availability check to verify your website accesibility
Ability to Reset statistics
Ability to send test Email/SMS alert
Public Statistics for One/Multiple Monitoring Services
Ability to incorporate Public Statistics into your website layout
Outage Double Check Technology to prevent false alerts
Custom Timeout for every monitoring service
Button with real uptime to be placed on the website
LOGO Advertising. Upload your logo to be rotated on our website
Ability to Disable monitoring for every single service
Ability to set Custom Time Zone and Daylight Saving
Detailed Monthly Report in your email
Cheaper SMS Alert Messages
Custom Company logo on Public Statistics
Email alerts are free and not limited. SMS notifications are available in 3 packages (10, 50, 100 alerts). SMS alerts never expire.

Premium Package Number of Messages SMS (each) Package Price
SMS10 10 sms alerts $0.20 $2.00
SMS50 50 sms alerts $0.18 $9.00
SMS100 100 sms alerts $0.16 $16.00

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Website uptime is of critical importance to my business. I run several websites, all of which have some form of ecommerce running on them 24/7. If my site goes offline, I NEED to know about it as soon as possible. With ServiceUptime monthly service my company has the peace of mind, knowing that we will be alerted to any downtime on any of our sites and services.

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