ServiceUptime pricing is highly flexible!

Every plan comes with high quality, reliable website monitoring!

You may either register for a free account with one monitor or sign up for Premium Account starting as low as just $5.95/mo to check your website uptime. Our most popular plans are:


There is unlimited number of email notifications. SMS alerts are available in packages of 10, 50, 100, 500 to purchase at your ServiceUptime control panel. SMS alerts never expire. Premium accounts have cheaper pricing for sms alerts.

Premium Package Number of Messages SMS (each) Package Price
SMS10 10 sms alerts $0.20 $2.00
SMS50 50 sms alerts $0.18 $9.00
SMS100 100 sms alerts $0.16 $16.00

I myself have just signed up to your service as a friend of mine had passed me onto this service and since being with this service I have found it to be a great asset as it will help determine if my website is down as I host others website also. So thank you ServiceUptime for bringing us a great service.

Brian L.