Public Uptime Statistics

For those who would like to share service uptime statistics our service has many options available. Show your users and website visitors your uptime statistics and prove them you are reliable.
Single service statistics page
This type of uptime report is available for all accounts. It displays one of your monitoring services uptime statistics including check period, number of total checks, number of outages and average response time on a single page . This page resides on ServiceUptime server. When you deside to close the access to this page you will need to disable this in your Control Panel and users will see "Public statistic is not available for this service" message.

There is also an option to incorporate your service uptime statistics into your website layout. You can easily copy and paste necessary code (PHP, ASP, Perl) into your webpage and all statistics will be shown under your own domain.
Multiple service statistics page
This report will show all selected monitoring services statistics on one page. You can select the services to be displayed at any time in your control panel. Whenever you desided to hide your statistics you will just need to uncheck the box and the service will disappear from the list. All monitoring services on the list of open statistics services lead to their detailed reports - single service statistics page.
Real Uptime Button
You can also place a button with real service uptime. This button leads to detailed report of the service - single service statistics page.

Real Uptime Button

Website uptime is of critical importance to my business. I run several websites, all of which have some form of ecommerce running on them 24/7. If my site goes offline, I NEED to know about it as soon as possible. With ServiceUptime monthly service my company has the peace of mind, knowing that we will be alerted to any downtime on any of our sites and services.

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