Website Monitoring Service

Service Overview:
ServiceUptime provides remote monitoring service for your website. We monitor server availability and performance externally from our worldwide network of monitoring stations. When your website goes down, we notify you instantly via email or SMS so that you may fix a problem before it costs you money, customers or reputation. In addition, we keep detailed statistics about your website's availability and response times so that you have the overall picture on your website availability and downtime. Read more about how it works or sign up for your free monitoring account now.
Monitoring Frequency:
The monitoring frequency is how often your website is checked by our robot. You have the ability to monitor your website every 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. You choose the frequency of checks at your users control panel while setting up monitoring service.
Contacts supported:
Upon service outage you can be notified by email and sms. Email notification is an alert with details of the service being down and the error it returns. SMS alert is a short notification sent to your cell phone with the status of monitoring service. You can also utilize Webhook alerts or use ServiceUptime API to create your own application and alerting.
Services and Ports monitored:
All services/ports are available for Premium and Free monitoring accounts.

Web Page - Web Page Content Monitoring checks that your page has the proper content. If a keyword is not present on the web page we send an alert as it is either changed or not available.

PING - Sends an echo command to the target host/device, helping you to verify IP Level Connectivity, useful for hosts as well as for devices like routers and firewalls.

Web Servers - HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (secure port 443) protocols. Monitor the performance and status of your website. Monitor any web resource delivered using Hypertext Transfer Protocol. We collect the same statistics for web pages delivered through a Secure HTTP (HTTPS) server.

Link Check - Link Check Monitoring may be used to check websites for presence of a link. You can monitor your link exchange partner's website and be alerted once the link is removed.

POP3 Servers - (port 110) The most common e-mail configurations use the POP3 protocol for e-mail retrieval. Monitor this protocols to make sure your POP3 server function properly.

SMTP Servers - (port 25) The most common e-mail configurations use the SMTP protocol for sending e-mail. Monitor this protocol to make sure your SMTP server function properly.

IMAP Servers - (port 143) The Internet Message Access Protocol, allows a client to access and manipulate electronic mail messages ona server. IMAP permits manipulation of remote message folders, called "mailboxes", in a way that is functionally equivalent to local mailboxes. IMAP also provides the capability for an offline client to resynchronize with the server.

Download Servers - FTP (port 21 - file transfer protocol). In most cases downloadable software or information files are provided by a FTP server on your site. To provide smooth and problem free downloads to your customers, make sure the FTP server is working properly.

DNS servers - (port 53/UDP) We monitor DNS servers at a protocol level. This means that we actually issue appropriate server commands and expect a standard response in order to verify proper operation of your server

DNS Lookup - You can set up DNS Lookup monitoring to varify if a particular server resolves your domain name IP correctly making sure the dns and domain is operatable and accessible.

MySQL servers - (port 3306) We monitor MySQL servers at a protocol level. This means that we actually issue appropriate server commands and expect a standard response in order to verify proper operation of your server

Custom Servers - set up for monitoring any custom port on your host. You can add a custom port to monitor on your host to ensure that a specific service is running. With this service almost any TCP/IP protocol can be monitored.

I myself have just signed up to your service as a friend of mine had passed me onto this service and since being with this service I have found it to be a great asset as it will help determine if my website is down as I host others website also. So thank you ServiceUptime for bringing us a great service.

Brian L.